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The Hedonism II Community Site is for adults at least 18 years of age and is for polite, thoughtful discussion and inquiries about Hedonism II only. Posts that are abusive, off subject,
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Except for periodic promotion of Hedonism II sponsored promotions and events, advertising will not be permitted, except by permission, or contract. Details of all approved group events may be found by visiting

Hedonism II reserves the right to reject or edit posts for any reason, but specifically prohibits naming of travel groups, other resorts or resort chains, travel agent or tour companies, other destinations, offsite and/or third party vendors/service providers and other websites or links.

Hedonism II strictly prohibits solicitation of businesses and/or services on this Community Site, including, but not limited to adding company name and/or contact information in user signatures.

Anyone who wishes to participate on the Hedonism II Community Site is welcome to do so, but their anonymity cannot be guaranteed from exposure by other Hedonism II Community Site participants. Participants who wish to post on Hedonism II Community Site do so at their own risk of exposure.

The information you provide during sign up will be not be passed on to any parties outside Hedonism II and is used only to understand the demographics and character of our audience. Hedonism II reserves the right to send occasional announcements to the email address you provide. Any email sent will contain links to unsubscribe from future emails or to allow others to sign up to receive our email announcements. We try our best to only send to those who wish to receive our communications and respect ethical email practices.

Participants are kindly requested to address the entire Hedonism II Community Site in their posts and to only address other participants by their Hedonism II Community Site names. Please always address the Hedonism II Community Site in a polite manner.

Photos or text that you post must be your property. Once posted, you agree that the photos or posted text may be used by Hedonism II at our discretion. Photos that show genitalia and/or explicit sex of any nature will be rejected by the moderators. Otherwise, on the private “The Nude Pool” forum and at the sole discretion of Hedonism II, sensual and seductive photos may be allowed. If you post pictures or quote text that is borrowed from a permitted outside source, they must be credited to their owners by name and link, if one exists. Any such items posted must be permitted for posting by their owners.

This site is owned by Hedonism II and is maintained by Hedonism II and contracted sources. While free discourse will be allowed as much as possible, all participation in this Hedonism II Community Site and any decisions regarding the allowing of messages or blocking of participation is solely the decision of Hedonism II. By signing up for the Hedonism II Community Site you are agreeing to the terms stated above.

These conditions may be subject to change and additions without notice.
Please periodically review these conditions.