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  • Mitch

    My wife and are first timers and are interested in visiting this summer (preferably sometime between June – Sept). My wife is a little apprehensive but excited about the trip. I think this trip is exactly what we need but after some initial research it seems that I need pick the right week to ensure that she has a good time. I’ve also heard that if you book with a specific group, you tend to have a better experience.

    I really want this trip to be positive for her and to help build her confidence. She is Very fun and always up for a good time, but that being said, neither of us have been to a nude beach and I don’t think she is quite ready for a swingers focused group. What groups would you recommend for first timers? Not necessarily looking for a tame group, but definitely one that is a bit more laid back and/or experienced with first timers Ideally, I’d love to get with a group of couples to hang with or with ladies who could help her to feel included and help show her a good time.

    A bit about us, my wife and live in DFW. She is 37 and I am 41. We both work too much, have two young kids and we REALLY need a vacation.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you might could offer!

    Let’s go to the beach!
    Michelle Facey

    Hi @mitch the great thing about Hedonism (well there are many…lol) but you do NOT have to be apart of a group to have a great time but you are right choosing the right week is everything. We actually have a 2 crossover special events happening in Aug that would be perfect for your 1st time. It has special discounted rates once you book directly online with us and you get access to all the special parties. Aside from our Anniversary week it is the only week of the year where we change all the theme nights and pump our entertainment and activities up to the next level of fun. It is also a week geared to every type of person so not heavy on the lifestyle crowd or on the nudist crowd but a really amazing blend of everyone whose main agenda is to have a blast in paradise and make new friends for life. We design the program to be very interactive so people have to really get to know each other for all the fun and activities. We bring in bodypainters, and performance artists and really make it a fun week. The crowd is super fun and friendly and is a mix of equal parts 50% singles ( a lot of females) and 50% couples and the age is more 20’s – 40’s as opposed to our regular weeks where the crowd is 80% couples age range 40’s – 65. This is our 4th year putting this event on and last year was epic so I can promise this year will be spectacular. You can read about it more by clicking this link and we will be posting the theme nights by next week. Trust me you will be very happy if you choose this week for your 1st visit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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