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  • Anita

    Doc our fearless ButtCrack leader asked me to post this for all that will be back home this Spanksgiving because he wants to make sure everyone that needs to know gets the latest info for the week.

    ” What’s happening my fellow ButtCrackers ?

    Here we go again !! Only a month before Spanksgiving 2016 !! It’s not too late to book if you have a last minute urge.

    Call Leslie at Go Classy ( 1-800-329-8145) and come on down and join the festivities !!

    What a great summer weather wise in Buffalo. Best one in 40 years. Atlanta with Sherry was just plain hot.

    I went down to Hedo to get a fix in September… low occupancy but still a great time. The new air conditioners are great and the remote controls actually work…Other news….Sunshine is pregnant again and due in February…I went and Delroy at his home and his progress is slow. He is not walking yet. He did enjoy my visit and reliving old times.

    Big news is that Andrea from Go Classy has arranged for a farewell beach party on Friday nite at the prude beach around 10pm with a bonfire, music and booze !!! Definitely a welcomed addition to our schedule.

    We will be awarding some scholarship to the kids of employees from the money we raised in April. We raised about $800 and Lonnie matched it in Beth’s name. We will be collecting money (cash or checks) at the Welcome Party on Sunday and throughout the week. If you don’t want to bother with it there, you can send me a check at home (71 Fairview Ct. Depew NY 14043) and I can forward it to my friend Howard who oversees the fund. This is a nice way to give back to the employees without having to lug a bunch of school supplies down. It would be fantastic if we could reach the $1500 level again.

    Here’s our party schedule:

    Sunday Nov. 20 Welcome party 6pm at Piano bar or prude pool please bring scholarship and Heinlickin party donations

    Monday Nov.21 Pub crawl leaving front desk at 2:30pm

    Tuesday Nov. 22 Heinielickin party on the nude beach at 4pm

    Wednesday Nov. 23 Dinner off campus with Doug Bowen after the repeaters party

    Thursday Nov, 24 Spanksgiving parade to Sandals at 2:30 pm and champagne party at 4pm

    Friday Nov. 25 ButtCrack farewell Beach Party at 10pm on the prude beach

    Please let me know if you are booked or not so I can compile a list for the hotel activities and let me know what your dates are.

    Irie vibes as always, Doc from Buffalo”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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