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  • Michelle Facey

    Hi @srf1415, no even though special groups may be there everyone still mingles together. One thing about all of our guests is they are all super friendly and love meeting new friends so you will have a blast. We are honored you have chosen to spend your anniversary with us and yes we can do something special for you just email our Guest Relations Manager Lorna and she will be able to give you some of the great options that are available her email is lornabrammer@hedonism.com Look forward to seeing you in paradise!!!


    My wife and I will be there for our first time May 17-21. Are there any renovations going on while we are there? We’re staying in one of the upgraded rooms on the nude side.


    We will be coming down in July for our first time and with the Fluffernutters, too! We have made friends from our local club and they introduced us to Hedo II and to the Fluffernutters. We are very excited to make new friends and look forward to taking our clothes off and not putting them back on until we have to!

    Looking forward to our first time

    Hello Everyone:

    Loving the Site!!!! When is the best time for Single Ladies to come visit Hedo?

    Michelle Facey

    Hi @srf1415, sorry the system appears to have had a glitch as I responded to your question last week, so responding again. All of our guests are super friendly especially the groups. Wile many of them are made up of people who have met over the years at Hedo they are always happy to welcome everyone into there fun. Yes we for sure can help you plan something for your special day you can email our Guest Relations Manager Lorna and she will be happy to give you some options lornabrammer2hedonism.com. Look forward to seeing you in paradise!

    Michelle Facey

    Thanks @1sexymoneymaker…We do have special event weeks where the program is designed to cater more to singles. You can scroll through our group’s event page to see a listing of events. http://www.hedonism.com/events-entertainment/events/

    Michelle Facey

    Hi @chriskelly, we are excited to welcome you to paradise. Currently no renovations are scheduled for that time


    Making our first trip To Hedo II April 29th to may 5Th, any one else attending — just wanting to say hi to you and we look forward to going.
    any advice is greatly appreciated

    Greg Decker
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    Hi everyone, we have just booked for New Year 2017/18. What is the difference between the Prude and Au Natural room area’s?


    What is the theme nite participation percent usually… That was one of the downfalls of H3… Participation in the end was almost 0…


    Hello to all… just joining the group. We are a 50-something couple who have been to Hedo 7 times and love it. Will be making a yearly pilgrimage back ‘home’ every January


    hi there ! if we forget something for theme nights is there a spot you can buy things from around resort ? so excited to go !! hurry up april 25 !


    We would just like to say Hi to y’all and look forward to being there in April, I would just like to find out if they do anything for birthdays?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi all, we will be coming to Hedo May 16 thru May 21. We are very excited, anyone else going to be there during this time?

    Michelle Facey

    Hi @east40, The Lifestyle Boutique is our on-site gift shop that stocks every essential item that you may have forgotten. We carry a wide variety of Snacks, local Souvenir gift ideas. Clothing, Costumes for our Themed Nights, Jewelry, Hats, Sunscreen, Toys, Make-up and other useful items.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 360 total)
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