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    Just an FYI from @alycat23’s post.

    #7 We opted for the private shuttle as well and our experience was good to the resort, yet horrible upon departure. Not only did our driver tell us a time too late that he would be picking us up at the end of our trip, he simply didn’t show up. This forced the resort to scramble to find us transportation as the shuttle from our travel company had already left. They informed us that the driver should have picked us up 90 minutes earlier than he stated. A lot of good that did when he didn’t show up at all. The driver we ended up having did his best to deal with traffic and headaches to get us there an hour before our departing flight. We paid $250USD for the initial service. Not about to take that chance again! It’s too informal. Any other company we’ve dealt with send you a transportation voucher as soon as you book it. I guess other people got luckier than we did.


    We’ll be going next September it’s a ways away just had our Bahamas cruise already booked this year. Anyway so excited first timers can’t waitnto experience


    First timer here. Wife and I are looking at dates, very unfamiliar with the LS other than what you can google, lol. We are in our early 40’s and looking at making a leap into something new and invigorating. Obviously extremely nervous/anxious. Given this dilemma, when would be a good time of year for us to schedule a trip? Also, how often will we find folks our age? Any tips, advice etc would be greatly appreciated!


    We will be there Aug 5-10th.
    We have never been to Hedo, but have been to several other LS resorts & cant wait to find a bunch of new playmates @ Hedo!

    Write us if you’ll be there with us!!


    Hey! I’m a single male 31 years old looking to visit for the first time. I’m looking to visit sometime in october-november. Does anyone have advice or recommendations for a first time single male? Thanks!


    Anyone going in October? specifically oct 1-4th? I shall be there


    I’m Arial I’m 20 years old Native American from Pennsylvania. Recently ended a 4 year relationship. I’m looking for new adventures and very interested in your community.

    Arial j
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    Howdy y’all! Single Hedo virgin looking forward to throwing caution to the wind and letting it all hang out 🙂 I know as a single guy to set reasonable expectations. I’ve heard all the good advice and plan on following it. Trying to figure out dates to travel. Would love to come the first week of September, but that is too short notice for me. Looking for recommendations from Hedo vets. When is the best time to visit with reasonable rates? Are there certain dates or months with a larger number of singles? I can’t wait to have an awesome time!


    Hey all! We just returned from our trip to Hedo on Saturday. I want to know if there is a way that we could find someone that was there and we don’t know their name. Was anyone there that same week? 8/12-8/17 is when we were there and there was a gal with short brown hair and her husband that has graying hair, and she won the dancing competition on Monday or Tuesday. If anyone knows who she is and can forward my information I would appreciate it. I am the guy that sang in the piano bar. Thanks for the help guys! My wife and I really appreciate it!

    Frosted Nips

    Hello everyone not new to the LS but new to hedonism. We are coming out in January for swingtopia. We are hoping to have a little fun and make some friends.

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    We are T&W will be our 1st time in Hedo from Octber 3 to 8th, 2019. Who else will be there?


    Hi Stingmanta

    We’ll be visiting Hedo for the first time Sept 27-Oct 4. We’ll see you there !


    New to the site! Thinking of booking for spring 2020. I am nervous!


    Hello, My husband and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this October 16. We have been talking of doing something completely different and of course Hedonism Resorts came up. We have never ever been at any similar resort thus have no clue of what to expect. Please help us with some insights and experiences. We are very curious but also a bit scare/nervous.


    My husband & I are visiting Hedo together for the 1st time in a few weeks. The last time I went was in 1993…I AM SURE things have changed since then! I do remember the nude beach being very open with little or no protection from the sun. Are we allowed to bring sun tents, umbrellas or anything like that? What about beach blankets? I’m sure I’m over thinking all of this lol…thanks in advance for your response

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