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  • FayeAnDrew

    Hello. My husband and I were there for the first time on a day/night pass earlier this month.

    I can’t wait for the opportunity to return to Jamaica and hopefully actually book a room there.


    Visiting Hedo the last week of December. Im doing something entirely different for my 31st birthday and will look forward to meeting people.


    Hi Michelle–

    We are Hedo virgins, Desires veterans. We will be visiting Hedo 2/13-2/23/2020. We are super excited to relax and experience all that Hedo has to offer! Since we are Hedo new–we have a few questions:

    1. Can you be nude on the prude side?
    2. What is the dress code for lunch/dinner? Wondering how topless I can be.
    3. Are there places to visit and or activities near the resort? We are staying 10 days and would like to explore a little since we’ve never been to Jamaica before. Any safety tips? Can we walk down the beach?
    4. If we arrive, and there are open rooms, can we pay the difference and upgrade our room for our stay?
    5. We have family and friends that will ask where we stayed. Is there a resort sort of near by that we could take pics by? We need a cover story:). Also–do we have privacy while on site? If someone calls the resort and asks for us–will you tell them we are there?

    Thanks in advance:)
    L and T


    2- need to be covered up int he dining areas
    3-Yes and yes.
    4-That is up to the resort
    5-Yes if you walk the beach, but the reosrts wont let you walk up.

    Michelle Facey

    Hi @cocksiren you are going to have the time of your life!!
    1 – yes
    2 – the rule is as long as private parts are covered you are fine. Typically for lunch a cover-up or sundress or sarong is used and for dinner especially during the week you are going 90% of the guests will be in the theme costume for the night
    3 – yes and yes just not nude – We are very proud of Jamaica’s heritage and offer over 100 extensive excursions so that you can experience it for yourself. From swimming with the dolphins to exploring one of Jamaica’s national treasures Dunn’s River Falls, there’s so much to discover about this tropical paradise. Allow us to guide and advise you on some of the excursions we offer to explore Jamaica’s stunning off-site experiences. At an additional charge, these excursions are a perfect complement to your stay in Jamaica. Reservations can be made by visiting our Tour Desk upon arrival. The tour desk is located in the lobby area and our tour manager will be able to show you photos and videos and advise you of the various prices for each adventure
    4 – yes for sure
    5 – well if they call and ask for you by name yes we will connect the call to your room. most people say they are staying next door at Sandals or just pick another hotel name close by and say that but then what happens in an emergency where they call that hotel looking for you, so we don’t advise that but what we do suggest is get the WhatsApp ap and tell them to communicate with you that way its free and you will always be able to be reached


    Hi Michelle and all,

    We have an issue with an upcoming trip – our first – and we’re hoping you can give us the straight story. We booked Hedo for Sexy Silvers Week next May. We are a 62 year old couple, first visit not only to Hedo but also to any “adult” resort (although we have been to a local nude beach several times and enjoyed it, so no problems there). We are not in the lifestyle; we’re just looking for an intense, romantic getaway and the opportunity to make some friends in or near our age group. Everything we have heard about Hedo – especially during the Sexy Silvers event – sounds like just what we were looking for.

    Here’s the issue: We understand marijuana has been legalized, or at least decriminalized, in Jamaica. We have read Hedo’s “official word” (we think) that it is allowed or tolerated on the resort, but only in designated smoking areas that can be avoided if desired. That is a great solution, if it’s enforced. But we’ve been reading posts and asking around online, and have heard about how it’s around the pools and hot tubs and on the beach – one post even pointed out where and when people meet to get stoned, out by the pool. From these posts it’s sounding to us like you smell it, if not see it, all over the place.

    We’re not sure which version to believe.

    You are probably saying, “so what’s the big deal if it’s there?” We need to give you some background so you can understand. A member of our family had some serious substance issues in their high school years. They’re one of the fortunate ones, having come through it successfully (we can’t say the same for many of their friends from those days). Frequent or constant exposure to that culture is a reminder that would certainly kill this vacation for us. We aren’t judging anyone; we certainly don’t want to change what others choose to do. On the other hand we don’t want a reminder of those days constantly in our face either.

    If smoking areas are enforced and it’s a once in a while thing to come into contact with it, we’re fine. If you can smell the pot smoke repeatedly over the course of the day pretty much wherever you go, for us, it’s a deal breaker.

    I’m asking what we can really expect when we get there, regardless of what the written policy may be. Are there smoking/non-smoking areas; and does Hedo enforce them? Are the smoking areas off the main paths? Is Hedo a resort where we smell it, and maybe see it, all over the place? Even if the answer is “yes, usually,” are we OK if we stick with events like Sexy Silvers given the age demographic?

    Re-reading this I’m sounding like one of those crotchety old people who complain about everything. I don’t mean to come off like that because believe me, neither of us are complainers. This isn’t about petty stuff to us; it’s about one item that could kill our vacation given our history. Please let us know, honestly, what we can expect when it comes to weed. It could be simply that this isn’t the resort for us, and that would be OK. We just want to know before we get any further down this road.

    Feel free to use email if that would work better for you.

    Thanks in advance,

    Michelle Facey

    Hi @lovingoursixties smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any roof, smoking is allowed in any outdoor area as long as you are not too close to a roof. According to Jamaican Law you may smoke on the beach, outside of the piano bar & dispensary in the smoking area located there. Now that is the official statement but to be honest with you, is there a possibility that you could be walking along the beach and someone is smokin..yes…is it possible that as you walk along the walkway to you room that someone could be smoking…yes… The environment at Hedo is very free flowing and as such guests do tend to really relax and let go and enjoy however that may look to them so it is possible that you could encounter the smell of weed at some point during your stay, but I have to say 99% of guest who may be smoking are very discreet or respectful of the rules and other guests and do it off to the side for the most part. But I would have to be truthful in saying there is a 99% chance you will at some point in your trip maybe at least once, catch a small whiff of it if as I said you may be passing someone who is smoking on the beach. Our guest really aren’t too much about let’s get totally blazed all day all night so there isn’t a cloud of smoke to navigate through so no worries on that. Sexy Silvers is a very fun warm and sociable group so you are going to have a wonderful time. Once you arrive you will see there are sections of our beach area that are usually less crowed and more private to escape from the crowd and just enjoy a romantic quiet time together, we actually have many places on property that aren’t crowded with guests as say the actual nude beach would be, so there will be many opportunities for you to have that romantic getaway you desire.


    Thank you Michele. We shouldn’t have any issue with that. We can’t wait!!


    Hello everyone!

    We have booked our first trip to Hedo next May. However, I have had 2 spinal surgeries and have difficulty walking for more than a minute and have difficulty with stairs. I use a wheelchair but don’t need it all the time. Am I crazy to think Hedo will be a good vacation destination for us given my physical restrictions? I would appreciate any feedback!


    @sweetcarolyn, I believe you will have a great time, particularly if you have someone to assist you with pushing the wheelchair or are strong. You might have a problem if you are not strong enough to easily push up from the residential rooms to the elevated area that includes the dining room, gym, and lobby. However, residents and guests are quite nice and would likely enjoy helping you.


    We are considering booking our first ever trip to Hedo. One week that makes sense for us is the last week of April 2020 (25th). Can someone give us a rundown on when is a good time for 50 yr olds to go? We are a lifestyle couple also, but its not the top priority for us. We would rather be a part of a fun crowd that has similar tastes to our own.


    I can’t wait to try out Hedo this year with my wife on March 28- April 5th


    Hello, my husband and I stayed at Hedo this past October, kind of as a test you see if we would enjoy a nude resort….WE LOVED IT!

    While we are not swingers we have an adventurous and specially charged marriage. We are coming back April 4-11, 2020 and I’m looking to get connected with people before we get there.

    Let me know if you’ll be there at the same time and let’s connect!


    @rednhawk that last week in April should be a great week for you guys. We have traveled that week a few times but going a week later this year(May 3rd to the 17th). There will be a group we know in-house, they are a group that goes that week, fun people, most right in that age range. Have a great time sorry we will miss you.

    May 3 through May 17 2020

    @norcalcpl — We will be there the same time, with the same group. We are virgins, not in the lifestyle, but looking forward to a fantastic time with a fun group. Can’t wait!

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